Benefit from the cutting-edge tools inspired by my High-Performance 12-session executive coaching series. In just 6 sessions, you will experience the reboot that you need in these changing times. Discover powerful strategies to cope with uncertainty and stay resilient!

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In six sessions, you will discover practices to cope with the ever changing world and find the resilience to keep moving forward! Be the role model that others will aspire to be as you develop effective skills and habits which will enhance your entire life. Discover the many ways THE COLLABORATIVE Group Coaching will help YOU!


My clients say these are the 5 key areas of they face in these uncertain times:

The IMPOSTER Syndrome?

In THE COLLABORATIVE Group Coaching program, members discover what all top performers must have: Clarity of purpose, Courage to be honest with themselves and others, and how to stay positive and Influence people for the common good.


Being a top performer means trusting and believing in yourself FIRST!  This program will help members discover their own personal strengths and gaps and provide them with proven strategies to step into having the energy and vibrancy, in order to keep ongoing.


There are times when all of us need outside support and guidance. Whether it's challenging us to reach beyond where we are, or discovering how to stay balanced in a chaotic world, Group members will be re-invigorated to focus on what really matters, which will positively impact their family, their work and their entire life!


If you want to reach for more in life, begin by embracing change NOW! The Covid19 pandemic, social and civil unrest and financial uncertainty have rocked our world, in all aspects of our lives. Get focused on what it takes to adjust to a constantly changing world.


The COLLABORATIVE Group Coaching is Social Learning.  Members are exposed to many points of view and will discover new ways to solve urgent problems. Old habits are replaced with new ways of looking at life. Be more productive toward your mission and purpose.


See what they are saying about Patti Moore's Group Coaching experience!

"Thanks to you I'm more confident..."

"This group was so beneficial for me because: It helped me take the time to self-reflect as a person and a leader and equipped me with the confidence and tools to be better as both. The tools and support from you and the others have helped me keep a positive attitude and outlook, especially when changes and events occur that are beyond my control. It helped me focus my perspective, personally and professionally, which will truly benefit both areas of my life. Thank you, Patti, for caring about others the way you do! You are the type of person people, including myself, can look up to and be inspired by!" April M.

"You helped me to grow..."

"I am so fortunate to have had the privilege to work with Patti and participate in the High Performance GROUP Coaching Course. It was transformational on many levels. The weekly topics were so relevant, the insightful personal coaching was spot on, the tools and worksheets concretized concepts, and the social learning opportunities on the Zoom platform with the other genuinely engaged participants made it all so powerful!! It was a deeply enriching journey of personal and professional growth that is certain to continue!" Deborah H.

"Guidance to be my best..."

“The VIP Group Coaching taught me many new skills that I can use in my leadership role at work. It gave me guidance to develop into the type of leader and person that I want to be and how to best communicate with others. I found this experience very rewarding! Thank you!!” Christine F.


  • #01: FOCUS  [Gain clarity about who you are and your priorities in life]
  • #02: VIBRANCY [Immediately improve the energy you feel and generate each day]
  • #03: RESOLUTE [Gain confidence, decisiveness and momentum in the midst of chaos]
  • #04: ACCOMPLISHMENT [Become more effective and productive each day]
  • #05: CHANGE [Discover ways to embrace rather than avoid change]
  • #06: ENDURANCE [Live and lead with a positive outlook focused on your strengths]
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Frequently Asked Questions

The investment for the 6-session GROUP Coaching is only $497 per person.  Or 3 payments of $197. 

THE COLLABORATIVE Group Coaching is based on my 30+ years of leadership and my experience as a Certified High Performance Coach. The COLLABORATIVE was created to address the needs of participants during these chaotic times

All of the sessions will be recorded and you will have access to VIDEO and AUDIO of each session in your personal online library.

Outcomes have been quite remarkable. People have discovered more clarity in their life, more courage/confidence in how they show up in the world both at work and home, discovering ways to focus on the things that really matter, their goals/mission/purpose, and find balance in work/life and live up to their best selves

Supervisors and Managers or anyone who needs more support right now to keep going strong. This GROUP coaching framework is transformative and will be effective for anyone who commits to doing the work. Attendees will become more self-aware and focus on the habits that will help them endure in an ever changing world.

I do all of my 1:1 and Group Coaching and Conference presentations now via Zoom Video Conferencing. Zoom calls are very effective but if you prefer to phone in that works as well.

The Group Coaching calls are for 60 minutes every other week for 6 sessions. There is time for group discussion and questions throughout the hour and often the group can go for up to 90 minutes if there are questions.

There is a second level of The Collaborative Group Coaching that follows this original series if members want to continue their growth and learning.



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