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Welcome to a Post Pandemic Approach To Compassionate Management

Wondering how to lead effectively during the pandemic and beyond? Focusing on your mission and your purpose along with compassionate leadership leads to success.

Why did I decide to update this book?

Because everything has changed. It’s a very different world we see before us now, one in which the lives and careers most of us took for granted have been upended, and our awareness of the divisions between us have cut wider and deeper than they have at any time.

In my view, we’ve never needed mission and the clarity it brings to our lives more profoundly than we do today when so much of what we “knew” about the world has been swept away, and so much we’d assumed about life and its meaning is being redefined by the tumult of events into which we find ourselves pitched.

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Kind Words from Patti Moore's Leadership Coaching Clients

"Patti Moore is a great coach and has made a huge difference in my life. Perfectionism helped me get through medical school, but was not helpful as a leader. Patti has helped me to find my own way by shining a light on things I do well and has helped me see for myself how I could take a different approach."

Hospice Chief Medical Officer

"I keep Patti in the back of my mind, when I am in a meeting that is tense or when staffing is challenging or when we are so busy that the task is in the foreground, instead of the mission. I don’t think a person ever reaches a plateau of being a great leader- it is something always needing to continue to grow towards."

Judy T
Clinical Director

"I am a very seasoned leader and healthcare executive (40 years now!). You never get this type of coaching anywhere else. Thank you Patti! "

Vice President

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