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Healthcare Leadership Consultant Releases New Book Outlining a Post- Pandemic Approach to Compassionate Management


Patti Moore, a nationally recognized hospice expert, thought leader, certified High- Performance coach, speaker, and author is releasing her new book, No Mission No Margin 2.0 . Ms. Moore decided to update this book because, for healthcare leaders in 2021, everything has changed. It’s a very different world, one in which the lives and careers many took for granted have been upended, awareness of the divisions between people have cut wider and deeper than they have at any time.


It's been said that those of us who survive Covid-19 will date our lives going forward as Pre- and Post-Pandemic. Patti believes that the greatest delineator between then and now will be enhanced mindfulness. Life needs to mean something if it’s to have value, and the work we turn our hands and hearts to has to have a higher purpose than the bottom line.


Patti Moore says, “In my view, we’ve never needed mission and the clarity it brings to our lives more profoundly than we do today, when so much of what we ‘knew’ about the world has been swept away, and so much we’d assumed about life and its meaning is being redefined by the tumult of events into which we find ourselves pitched.”


Praise for No Mission No Margin 2.0

“Patti’s book reminds me why I am a CEO of a Not For Profit Hospice and why our great mission is the heart and soul of the hospice care we provide.” -Hospice CEO


“Patti Moore is a consummate executive who leads with savvy, integrity, and soul. In No Mission No Margin 2.0, she lays out a sophisticated strategy for applying business acumen to advance the value of compassionate leading in a complex world.” -Physician Executive


“Every leader and manager charged with leading their organization through these unsettled times would be wise to read this book.” -Healthcare Executive


Patti Moore is available for national interviews to promote No Mission No Margin 2.0. Please contact Sunshine Woodyard at (407) 743-1630 or via email at [email protected] to schedule an interview, obtain an excerpt of the book, or if you have plans to review.

Digital images are available upon request.

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