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How VIP High Performance Group Coaching will help YOU!

By enrolling into this elite program, you will become more self-aware, and develop habits and practices to become a better employee, a better parent, a better friend and a better YOU! Be the role model that others will want to aspire to be as you develop these HP skills and habits which will enhance your entire life.


My clients say these are the 7 key areas of growth and successful outcomes of participating in this elite program:

Clarity of Purpose

In the VIP High Performance GROUP Coaching program, members discover what all high performers must have: Clarity of purpose, Courage to be honest with themselves and others, Energy and vibrancy every day and how to Influence people for the common good.

Personal Development

Being a High Performer means trusting and believing in yourself FIRST!  This program will help members discover their own personal strengths and gaps and provide them with proven strategies to step into being their best selves, now.

Social Learning

High Performance Group coaching is Social Learning.  Members learn from not only Patti Moore, Certified High Performance Coach but from one another as well. This shared coaching experience is enhanced by being exposed to other points of view as well as support and encouragement from all of the Group members.

Gain Confidence

If you have been promoted or are seeking a new adventure, you need support as you grow into your new role. The HP Group is a safe place to try out new approaches without fear.  HP Group Coaching provides strategies for members to be highly productive, courageous and Confident.

Become Re-Invigorated

There are times when all of us need outside support and guidance. Whether it's challenging us to reach beyond where we are, or discovering how to stay balanced in a chaotic world, Group members will be re-invigorated, which will positively impact their family, their work and their entire life!

Realize your Dreams

If you know you want to reach for more in life, begin your journey NOW! Get focused on what it takes to be a High Performer and what it takes to reach your dreams.

Expand Your Network

High Performance Group coaching is Social Learning.  Members are exposed to many points of view and discover new ways to solve problems. Your network of support expands as you give and receive  encouragement from one other.

Let's Go!

Become a member of an elite VIP High Performance Coaching GROUP of not more than 10 people who meet once a week for 12 weeks via Video Conferencing.  It's powerful, challenging, open-hearted and transformational. Check out the link below! Hope to see you in the Group!

Life is short. Live it. NOW!


See what they are saying about the VIP High Performance Group Coaching experience!

"Thanks for caring..."

"This group was so beneficial for me because: It helped me take the time to self-reflect as a person and a leader and equipped me with the confidence and tools to be better as both. The tools and support from you and the others have helped me keep a positive attitude and outlook, especially when changes and events occur that are beyond my control. It helped me focus my perspective, personally and professionally, which will truly benefit both areas of my life. Thank you, Patti, for caring about others the way you do! You are the type of person people, including myself, can look up to and be inspired by!" April M.

"Social Learning is powerful..."

"I am so fortunate to have had the privilege to work with Patti and participate in the High Performance Group Coaching Course. It was transformational on many levels. The weekly topics were so relevant, the insightful personal coaching was spot on, the tools and worksheets concretized concepts, and the social learning opportunities on the Zoom platform with the other genuinely engaged participants made it all so powerful!! It was a deeply enriching journey of personal and professional growth for 12 weeks that is certain to continue!" Deborah H.

"Guidance to be my best..."

“The VIP Group Coaching taught me many new skills that I can use in my leadership role at work. It gave me guidance to develop into the type of leader and person that I want to be and how to best communicate with others. I found this experience very rewarding! Thank you!!” Christine F.


for VIP High Performance GROUP Coaching!










  • #01: FOCAL POINTS  [Discover your levels of focus, control, and habits]
  • #02: CLARITY [Gain immediate behavioral-driven clarity and intention]
  • #03: ENERGY [Immediately improve the energy you feel and generate each day]
  • #04: COURAGE [Gain confidence, decisiveness and momentum]
  • #05: PRODUCTIVITY [Become more effective and productive each day]
  • #06: INFLUENCE [Become more influential in your personal and professional relationships]
  • #07: PSYCHOLOGY MASTERY [Develop a consciously-directed, positive, engaged mind]
  • #08: PHYSIOLOGY MASTERY [Activate energy in ways that makes you feel stronger and more vibrant]
  • #09: PRODUCTIVITY MASTERY [Raise your productivity levels and eliminate distracting activities]
  • #10: PERSUASION MASTERY [Target areas where you can be more persuasive]
  • #11: PURPOSE MASTERY [Live and lead with intention and purpose]
  • #12: COMMITMENT [Make commitments for lasting High Performance change]
Life is short. Live it. NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

VIP High Performance Group Coaching (based on my mentor Brendon Burchard’s research published in his NYT/WSJ best selling book: High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way

I only a limited people per group and it is an ongoing enrollment process for a 12 week Coaching program.  

The Outcome is quite remarkable: People have discovered more clarity in their life, more courage/confidence in how they show up in the world both work and home, discovering ways of being more productive toward the things that really matter goals/mission/purpose, and how to refocus on their purpose in life so they can balance work/life to help them create high performance habits to live up to their best selves

Chief Executives like: CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s, Directors, and Managers. This HP coaching framework is transformative for anyone who goes through it, it will help people become more self-aware and focus on the habits that all high performers have: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence. Leaders who want to be more and more self-aware.

It is done via Zoom Video Conferencing, so all you need is a smart phone and/or computer w a camera and wifi connection; everyone sees each other, it’s once a week for 1 hour for 12 weeks. I video/audio tape it so if you miss a class you can watch, there are worksheets for each call/topic. 


YOU will benefit from being a member of an elite VIP High Performance Coaching GROUP. We will have a small intimate group who meet once a week for 12 weeks via virtually. It's powerful, challenging, open-hearted and transformational. Get on the WAITING LIST for OPEN ENROLLMENT NOW!


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are focused on challenging the members to grow as individuals and as a group. We will discuss how your current beliefs and habits compare with the core habits of all high performers regarding Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence and the Mastery of these core High Performance habits. Group Coaching uses Social Learning to enhance the coaching experiene. Learn more while your WAIT for open enrollment in my Introduction to High Performance Mini-Series!