This Little Light of Mine

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2022

Have you ever gone tent camping? Years ago, I took a solo camping trip to prove to myself I was an independent woman who could pitch my own tent and make my own way. The north Georgia state park where I spent my first night was virtually deserted. No other campers were enjoying the cool October evening and my resolve began to waver.  What was I doing out here alone in my brothers’ pup tent protected only with the pocket knife my father had given me before I left?

Darkness encircled me like a blanket thrown over my head. Every sound was amplified, and fear began to creep in. Then that magical moment happened when I struck a single match to ignite my merger campfire, and the darkness was at bay. A single match had made the difference between my fear of being alone in the woods and the confidence of seeing beyond my immediate surroundings.


Each of us has the opportunity to be a single flame to keep the darkness at bay. Every great movement started with one person, one light in the darkness that showed the way for others to shine their lights as well.

The first line of Mary Oliver’s poem  The Buddha’s Last Instruction is:

“Make of yourself a light,” said the Buddha, before he died.

In these times of uncertainty and even darkness, we can change the atmosphere with an intentional moment of Light. It doesn’t have to be some big heroic effort, but a single act of kindness can make a difference. It’s hard to give a smile from behind a mask so I make extra sure I connect with people eye to eye. Let your Light illuminate all who you encounter.


Everyone, every single person is facing some type of doubt or stress right now even if they don’t admit it. You have the power to dispel the darkness by letting your little Light shine. Shine for yourself first, light a candle tonight and see its power to brighten the darkness. Send a text to a friend, mail a note to your family member, forgive yourself and someone else, open your heart, and let your Light shine. You can change the world, one person, at a time when you “Make of yourself a light”.

Take a listen to the beautiful version of the song This Little Light Of Mine by Odetta.

Shine on!

With Love and Light,


Enjoy a hot dog over our recent campfire!


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