Don't Hesitate

gratitude intention joy Mar 31, 2023


What crazy times we are living in. Look in any direction and you can see heartache, uncertainty, fear, frustration and more. It’s like the world has turned upside down and the Universe is giving us all a good shake.


I was speaking with many of my clients and colleagues this past week and every single person was dealing with something big in their life. No one was immune. Myself included.


And yet…it’s during these times of chaos and confusion that we get to see what we’re made of. I tweaked my back last week. By “tweaked” I mean I had excruciating back pain the likes of which I never had before. Pain was all consuming for several days. The fear of being limited in the active lifestyle I love was almost worse than my physical distress... and it was not pretty.


Each day we are faced with big and small uncertainties. What to have for dinner, what movie to watch or how do I cope with big life decisions that were not in my...

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As 2021 draws to its close most of us will find ourselves reflecting on the year that’s passing, and taking stock of our personal balance sheet to see how we did. Did we squander our most precious capital – our time, our health, our relationships – or did we build on it, by following through with our good intentions and doing just a little better in these pandemic times than we had in the “before times”?

            Making this kind of personal reckoning can be maddening because our intentions so often outstrip our actions. We all want to be more mindful and more intentional – I certainly do! – but life has other plans and we’re so often caught up in dealing with what’s coming at us in the moment that we lose the clarity that the long view brings. The year-end holidays can be difficult for some of us because they shine a bright light on how...

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Simply Gratitude

confidence gratitude hope Mar 05, 2021

Simply Gratitude

I just got back from a blissful wooded walk. We live in a beautiful rural part of north central Florida with magnolia and oak trees whose limbs are filled with Spanish moss gracefully draping over the branches that reach out parallel to the dirt road we live on. The beauty of the trees and the peace and quiet is a soul soothing experience.

I was feeling grumbly as I started out this morning about Covid and not feeling safe to travel and fly and see new sights and sounds and people.

Poor me, woe is me, it's me.

Then I stopped at the far end of the road west of our house and sat on a stump and just sat there in silence for a while. Once I stopped thinking about ME, I began listening to the wind in the trees. It sounded like the beginning of Appalachian Spring the Aaron Copeland symphony.

Then the birds joined in as if they were the flutes and piccolos adding to the complexity of the song. Up from my phone popped a 1 minute audio from the app Waking Up...

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The Year Of The NURSE

gratitude nursing who Mar 06, 2020

The Year of The NURSE

At last, the World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 2020 as the International Year of The Nurse! - Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General said:

“Nurses and midwives are the backbone of every health system: in 2020 we’re calling on all countries to invest in nurses and midwives as part of their commitment to health for all.”

When was the last time you had a nurse's support or care?  Was it when she explained what the doctor had just said to you and your family that you didn't really understand? Was it when she put her arms around you for a hug when you felt alone and uncertain?  Was it when she gave you advice about how to care for your loved one in a way that was easier for you or more comforting to them? Was it when she explained the complex procedure that was about to happen to you?

Nurses are everywhere and play a vital role in the workforce.  We are care providers in a healthcare environment where it...

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