A Change of Scenery

life retirement Jul 11, 2022

Recently my beloved Steve retired from a long and accomplished career at the University of Florida (I have not retired but am working virtually most of the time).


Our new chapter in life has begun with a 5-week camping adventure in our 30-foot Airstream travel trailer. Neither of us has ever taken off this long and it is VERY different to have an open schedule vs. trying to fit a vacation into 2 weeks!


I made plans in my usual manner: look for interesting places to go, do as much as we can at each stop, eat out at some nice places, have some campfires and s’mores and keep moving.


Silly me…


Traveling in a self-contained travel trailer requires a very different focus of attention. It takes longer to get to places, and campgrounds come in all shapes and sizes from the fancy ‘resorts’ with lots of amenities, to some that have us lined up tight as sardines, to the mom-and-pop places with grassy fields.


When we arrived in the gorgeous Adirondack mountains, we realized cell service and WiFi were a luxury not a given. The first day or so was great, “ah, to be at one with Nature without distractions…”.

Then the GPS didn’t work and who has a map of the area when your iPad gave you all that was needed?! And when it was time for my business calls, well, Iet me just say I got to know the campground owner very well and calls were made!


These are crazy times, upheaval and turmoil are the norms across the globe. Without a dependable internet connection, I have missed many of the major news events. Instead, I have been enjoying the simple pleasures of being outside under the stars, smelling the fragrant fresh scents of a forest, the sound of a crackling fire while my marshmallow is roasted to a golden brown (NOT flaming!) and the peace and quiet of a mountain top which have all been soul-soothing.


I am learning to adjust to the FOMO (fear of missing out). Simply enjoying an afternoon sitting in the shade reading a novel. (I just finished The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand) is a wonderful way to enjoy the day.


My hope is that you too will find some moments this summer to simply enjoy the day no matter where you are or what is happening in the world. The earth is still spinning, and the sun keeps rising in the east and setting in the west, and there is a lot to be grateful for.


Love and Light,



Enjoy July 4th fireworks over Lake Champlain, NY!


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