Bloom Where You are Planted

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

Bloom Where You are Planted

I have been pondering this phrase all week. “Bloom where you are planted” suggests we look around and see how to shine our light no matter where we find ourselves. It’s not always easy. Sometimes we are in situations or relationships or jobs where we do not want to be. And yet, here we are, and what do we do next?


The easy road is to duck and run, quit the job, end the relationship, or step down from the responsibility. And yet, we take ourselves wherever we go. If we don’t resolve our troubles or face our fears, we will continue to experience the same situations again and again, just with different names and faces.


Bloom where you are planted. There is always something to discover in all situations.


When my brother Michael was terminally ill, I didn’t want to be the one to lead him through his fears. I didn’t want to be responsible for all the things he needed, like finding him a doctor and reviewing his treatments or packing him up to move from NYC back home. Nor did I want to be the one to prop up my mom and Mike when they were losing hope. Part of me wanted to run because I, too, was losing hope.


It would have been easier to back away, but instead, I leaned in. I leaned into the pain and despair and grief and fear, and what I received has served me ever since. I received joy and strength and a deep, meaningful connection with my brother and my mom. Those things would have been unavailable to me without standing where strong where I had been planted.


Bloom where you are planted. You may not see the flowers right away, but I promise you, when you dig in with courage and compassion, the rewards will be longer lasting than you will ever know. Only then should you take steps to go and grow elsewhere.

Love and Light,


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