Book Launch Becomes #1!

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2018

We're #1!!!

Thanks to you, my new book, Creating A Culture Of Care: Insights and Inspirations from a Hospice Leader  the Kindle version AND the paperback BOTH became the #1 Best Seller in our category!!!

Remember I told you that the next several days the Kindle version of CREATING A CULTURE OF CARE would be only $.99 to celebrate this launch?  However, Amazon said they take "up to 72 hours for the price change to take effect", and NOW they STILL haven't changed the price. YIKES!!!

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO PAID THE FULL PRICE FOR THE KINDLE VERSION, THANK YOU!! If you would like to receive the COACHING FOR EXCELLENCE 1 hour training for FREE it will be my honor to gift it to you.  Hit REPLY to this email and let me know you would like it.

Amazon said they are having a problem with re-pricing the Kindle version and are "still working on it".  I deeply appreciate those of you who went ahead and bought the full price Kindle book!

I'm working hard with Amazon to resolve this as quickly as possible!  If you want to continue waiting for the $.99 price I will honor the $.99 Kindle version until the end of the year!

  1. Keep Checking!

  2. It would mean the world to me if you would leave a positive recommendation on Amazon about my new book.  As a thank you, it will be my honor to gift you a FREE 1 hour training on COACHING FOR EXCELLENCE!! 

  3. Just hit REPLY to this email and note Amazon Review and I will grant you access to the training! Simple as that!!

To get the Kindle copy for $.99, be quick like a Rudolf! 

Kindle $.99 Special!

The softcover book makes for a great gift idea, so order soon in order to still get them before Christmas!

This book was written with love.  I hope you receive it with the love I have intended and enjoy it with your heart.

Happy Holidays and Happy reading!

Many blessings,

Patti Moore


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