Discipline and Teamwork

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2020

Discipline and teamwork.

As I talk with hospice colleagues across the country, checking in to see how they are doing, I am hearing a common theme:

Teamwork and discipline are essential to enduring this time of Covid19.

All types of professionals, competitors, vendors, and unlikely allies are all working together on behalf of the survival of our fellow human beings.  Children sewing cloth masks, auto manufacturers retooling to produce ventilators, dentists and veterinarians ordering their PPE supplies for healthcare workers, nail salons giving UV sterilizer machines to healthcare organizations to sterilize masks, Google and Apple working together on a project to help track people who are exposed to the Coronavirus.  Together.

Together.  With urgency and discipline, people are coming together to collaborate, to save us all.

The true character of a person is revealed not in times of comfort and ease...the true character of a person is revealed in times of danger and uncertainty.  We are witnessing the best in people every day across the world.

So what will you tell your children and grandchildren about your role as history remembers this pandemic?  Are you revealing your best?

My friend Mary Ann Boccolini the CEO of Samaritan Hospice in New Jersey opened their In-Patient Hospice unit to COVID patients.  It went smoothly because they were disciplined in their preparation but the most important factor, was teamwork.  Everyone involved from the unit secretary, nurses, aides, social work and spiritual support, liaisons, management, and doctors worked together to accept and settle the patients. It was a beautiful collaboration of love.

Discipline and teamwork.  When I want something done quickly, I say, “just give it to me I’ll do it myself” and I do it without distraction…but I am only good for the time I’m awake and alert. 

To go the distance…which is what this Pandemic requires…it takes a team of trusted, committed, disciplined teammates who you can hand off your responsibilities and know that they too will give the same 110% you just gave.

You’ve got this.  You are strong, you are kind, you are resilient, and you are loved.

In the meantime.  Don’t forget to breathe.  Be kind...to yourself first. Remember to take one step, one hour, one day at a time.


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