dream purpose vision Mar 26, 2022



It is SPRING!! We have new green leaves sprouting from the cypress tree branches in our yard.

Easter lilies are yearning to burst from their buds and the northern hemisphere will soon be awash with flowers to brighten up our world!


For the past two years, most of us have been focused on managing what is right in front of our eyes. It’s time to consider what’s next.


It’s about vision and the intention for how you want to show up in the world. Moving forward, what really matters to you?


When civilizations have no vision they perish. It’s Biblical. It’s true individually as well. If we don't have a vision for next week, next month, or even next year we can lose connection to the dreams of our future, and our happiness begins to evaporate.


Thanks to my many years of working in hospice I think about death on a regular basis. I know, it’s a morbid topic for many of you, but to me, it helps me recognize the preciousness of life.


But I am human and when I consider how much longer I have to live based on my family history sometimes I too can get bummed out. My life this go-around is mostly in my rear-view mirror while old age (if I’m lucky), and death are the view out of the windshield.


BUT, I’m not dead yet! There is so much more to discover in life! I can either sit around and wait for death or seize the day and LIVE MORE NOW!! And what does it mean to live MORE now?


It’s about having a purpose for your life. It's never too late to have a vision for a satisfying life. It's about having a dream and keeping the dream alive. Not giving up due to your age or circumstances.


I’m at an age where some type of retirement is likely in my future. It’s exciting and frightening.


I’m not ready to stop serving and making a difference in the world but I want more flexibility and fun in my life. When I can have a VISION of what an active life of fun AND service is and define what that dream looks like to me…I can find more purpose in my life.


How about you? What is your dream vision for yourself? It's time to live more NOW!


Finally, in the words of the wise sage Steven Tyler of the band, Aerosmith “Dream On, dream on, dream on, dream until your dream comes true!”.

Love and Light,


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