How Goes It With Your Soul?

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2019

How Goes It With Your Soul?

"How goes it with your soul?" That's the question my friend Peggy Dyson would ask me each time we saw one another.  It always took me a moment to consider before my answer would emerge.  Which was just exactly what she hoped for.  John Wesley, the joint founder of the Methodist movement in the Church of England, used this question two centuries ago when his followers met in small gatherings. 

We measure our lives in all kinds of ways—the hours we work, the salary we earn, the grades we (or our children) make, the time we spend at the gym. Businesses and other organizations focus on the bottom line or quality control.  But how often do we assess the most important relationship in our lives, our relationship with our own soul or our highest and best selves?

In 2001 Peggy showed me the collection of quotes she had been writing. I said: "Peggy, you should write a book!".  She replied, "I will if you do the watercolors." I laughed and said, "sure, I'd be happy to," never really believing it would happen.  Next thing I knew, she had us focused, and we had a draft of the book, a design (thanks to Terry Van Nortwick), and to my utter amazement, we had a book!  The title was of course: How Goes It With Your Soul.

My friend Peggy taught me how to pay attention to my soul.  From her I learned the importance of “being” rather than always “doing.”  Peggy lived her life according to her God’s plan, being present in each moment, looking for and finding peace, and keeping her soul in good order.

Peggy died of a sudden heart attack recently, it was a shock, and my heart still aches.  But, I know Peggy Dyson is fine. She kept her priorities straight, always paying attention to the things that mattered most: her family, her faith, and her service to others.  She found her joy in simple pleasures of laughing with friends, playing the guitar, singing, reading, volunteering, and silently supporting those in need.

So, in honor of Peggy, I ask you: “how goes it with YOUR soul today?”

Rest in peace, dear friend.


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