It's Summer!

focus intention summer Jun 25, 2021

It’s Summer!


Summer is generally time to take off and have some fun. While this summer is a far cry better than summer 2020, Steve and I are still staying close to home. I’m just not ready to get on a plane and travel freely yet.


My incredible 97-year-old mother in law has been staying at home these past 15 months as well. She told me recently of the joy it brings her to sit in her recliner, look out her window and see the magnolias tree with buds beginning to bloom. She has looked out that same window for 60+ years onto her wooded back yard and still even now, she is finding unexpected beauty.


Each day she shares the number of buds that have blossomed into flowers and the delight in her voice is palpable. She inspired me to be more intentional about appreciating the beauty in small focused spaces around me. It’s easy to look at a view you’ve seen a million times and not really “see” it.


It’s also easy to look at a person you’ve know a long time and not really “see” them for who they are now.


On my morning saunter down the country road we have lived on for 38 years, my intent was to see things with new fresh eyes. What little beauties have I overlooked? How can I “see” more clearly and be more aware to discover something new to appreciate?


Here are photos of my discoveries:

Cow number 505G wanted to say hello to me!



A single dandelion can look like a work of art



This tiny mushroom could be Tinker Belle's ballet tutu



The morning light caressed the limbs of the giant oaks as if they were stars on Broadway



I was reminded flowers are only pollinated thanks to these guys and their buddies



I challenge you to stop and look with intention at the beauty in the places, things, and people around you. Look down at the Earth around your feet and up into the Heavens, listen to the birds and even the sounds of a city.

Look deeply into the faces of your loved ones, really look, and admire their lines of wisdom, and their eyes reflecting their souls. Take a moment to recognize the wonder all around you. It’s always there, it’s just a matter of focus and intention.

Happy Summer!

Love and Light,


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