Let It Go


This Christmas I received a treasured gift, a Hallmark Keepsake ornament of Queen Elsa from the Disney movie FROZEN. She is standing with her arms wide open and a confident smile on her face, and at the press of a button, she sings LET IT GO

Let it go! Let it go!
And I’ll rise like the break of dawn!
Let it go! Let it go!
That perfect girl is gone!

Here I stand in the light of day…
Let the storm rage on!!!
The cold never bothered me anyway

My gift-giving friend and colleague Jaysen must have searched high and low for this 2015 ornament. His effort touched my heart. In 2019 Jaysen attended my first ever 2-day LIVE event at Disney World called “RETURN TO PURPOSE.” Each morning I would come into the room with that song LET IT GO blaring over the speakers. It was my reminder that on those 2 days, I would not hold back who I was and wanted the attendees to do the same.  It was magical.


Today, Elsa sits next to my computer, confident in who she is, reminding me to LET IT GO. Let go of doubt, of worry, let go of thinking I should be anyone other than my true authentic, joyful self. Covid-19 has revealed we are all doing our best in these trying times, and perfection is only an illusion. Who wants to be perfect anyway? Not Elsa!


We can strive for perfection or excellence, but the reality is that it’s our flaws that make us beautiful and relatable, and human. I have gained 20 Covid pounds and haven’t dressed up in a suit since March. LET IT GO…it is the Love and Light and Compassion and Kindness that matters most right now, and maybe, just maybe, those are the only things that have ever really mattered anyway. Be your one true, authentic self and everything else, LET IT GO.


So today…LET IT GO and enjoy this very minute even if the storm is raging on.

Love and Light,



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