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Why do you get up in the morning?  Why do you go to work each day?  It is simply for the paychex?  Or the insurance?  Or is it because you too want to make a difference in the world?  And I would ask you... are you making a difference?  What is it that you are doing each day to ease suffering and empower others.

Let's talk about empowering others.  It comes in all sorts of ways.  As part of my consulting work, i facilitate workshops and retreats, and I love this kind of work because it allows me to see people with appreciative eyes.  When we talk about our superpowers, we are not talking about x-ray vision, or leaping tall buildings, but rather the special strengths we bring to our teams.  The qualities of character or personality we bring to our teams are often characterized are often shrug off as "it's just who we are".

At a recent workshop with a senior team, I asked them what they liked best about their job.  One of the physicians said "I love the aspect of Psycho-Social aspect of working in hospice, of having time to talk to patients and families and engage them.  It's not just diagnosing and treating, but it's getting to know people in a deeper and more meaningful way. 

Another team who worked in quality said "I enjoy seeing the dedication and care of the clinical people.  I find that their care and compassion is really inspiring. 

Then we dug into our "super-powers".  The CEO said "I love being a Visionary, being able to look down the road and see what's ahead, and helping people get to that point it what I really think is my super-power".   She acknowledged that sometimes it's difficult because not everyone wants to go where she wants to go, and sometimes she has a hard time being in the present.  But she is a Visionary, and that's what she calls her "super-power".

 Having people acknowledge the things they do well is important in the function and leadership of any organization.  It takes the work of many "super-powers" to overcome adversity together, and we are greater than the sum of our parts. 

If that Visionary CEO didn't have people next to her helping her to implement things she saw down the road, nothing would happen.  Recognizing peoples strengths is empowering.  Just like when the hospice staff recognize family members for caring for their loved ones and acknowledging that, it is empowering. 

So, I would ask you...

  • What is your "super-power"?  
  • What is it that you're good at? 
  • What seems second nature to you? 
  • That seems so natural to you that you don't even realize that it's your gift? 

And as you think about these things that seem second nature to you, they really aren't... they are your "super-powers" and you need to embrace it.  And know that it doesn't matter how big or small it might be, everyone has something unique and special to offer.

Thanks for listening. 


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