Patti Moore - Interview with Gretchenn Brown

brown gretchenn video Nov 08, 2017

Clip from Patti Moore's interview with Gretchenn Brown

Patti:  You've been at the top of your game for nearly 30 years. 

  • How do you sustain that? 
  • And what would you share with new leaders who are wanting to figure out how they can come close to some of the things that you have done?


Well again, I think it's the culture.  You have to build a culture where it matters, and where you are embarrassed or humiliated by having a bad review.

You know what I always say... "there are no do-overs in hospice".  If you get it wrong, people talk about service recovery, but we have a service that can't be recovered.  And so trying to impress that urgency upon folks.

And it doesn't mean that, you can't be in this big with that many staff, that you don't have disappointments.  But to me they are heartbreaking... and I want them to be heartbreaking for the team and the site leader and not just for me, and I think that they are what connects with that urgency it matters!


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