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Uncategorized Oct 26, 2019


Pardon me if I can’t stop smiling; I’m just back from our Watershed Group event in Orlando, Return to Purpose, and I’m still processing an experience that for me and those with me was no less than transformative. There’s a line from the Shaker hymn, Simple Gifts, that expresses it perfectly: “Tis a gift to come down where you ought to be.”  I know now I’m exactly where I ought to be, and it feels like coming home.

Some Hospice Master Class members at my Return To Purpose event!

I commissioned two songwriters from Nashville to write a song called Return to Purpose, and they came and played it for us which was wonderful.

Stowe Dailey and Karen Taylor Good are StoweGood

I read aloud the story of Snow White and used the archetypes of the story to remind my listeners to look within when they’re looking for character. We had a dream circle at the end of it all that was nothing short of magical.

One participant wrote to say, “What loving care you and your team gave to all of us.  It was noticed and enjoyed.  Such detailed thought went into making each moment a treat. I delighted in how you took your time in spinning out all the possibilities for us when you were onstage. Your gentle pace set the example for how to live, especially in the quiet times we all have when we could and should re-nourish our souls.” One man told me he usually didn’t mind getting up to go out during other conference sessions but he didn’t want to leave any of mine because there was such great information he didn’t want to miss anything!

Patti Moore and Mary Sheehan

Each person there found the 2-day event motivating, uplifting, and inspiring. It was no less so for me. I felt like I had released some restriction that tethered me to my past expectations of myself, and now I’m ready to soar – and raise others up with me.

What did I learn from this experience?

  • People will respond to meaningful ideas if they are shared genuinely, from the heart.
  • My story is everyone’s story because we are all linked by our shared humanity; loss and love, joy and grief.
  • People are hungry for ways to support all aspects of their beings, body, mind, and soul.
  • Self-care is lacking in our society and that’s the competitive edge organizations can have - happy, balanced, satisfied staff.
  • Our own self-doubt is our greatest enemy. By sharing my own doubts and fears, I gave participants permission to face theirs
  • When people are given the time to go within and look for their own brilliance and beauty, it’s power-full
  • Don’t underestimate the introverts who don’t show a lot of emotion; they can be the ones with the deepest understanding
  • Trust. Myself.
  • People are yearning to connect more deeply with meaning and purpose in their lives, and so am I.
  • My true self is what I want to continue to share, not the Patti I THINK others want to see.  If I show up as me, that’s more than enough!
  • I learned that I too must receive, not just give, give, give, for it’s in the receiving that humbleness and awareness of self occurs.

From the depths of my heart, Thank you.


PS if you would like to purchase access to the video copy of the 2-day Return To Purpose Live event, stay tuned!  It will be available soon!


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