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Someday I Will…


How many times in your life have you said those words, “someday I will…”? When I was young, I dreamed that someday I would see the world, someday I’ll make a difference, someday I’ll have a job I love serving others, and someday I’ll find the love of my life…someday.


As time passed, I stepped into one “someday” after another. When I’d stop long enough to realize I had achieved a goal or had a dream realized, I would have a sense of satisfaction that would last a fleeting moment. Then I would continue to set new dreams, always seeking and stretching to the next “someday I will...”.


The critical difference in this phrase is the declaration of “I WILL…”. It’s not “I want to,” “I hope to,” or “I wish to.” No, it is a firm statement of certainty.  The margarita master Jimmy Buffett wrote a song that has been an earworm in my brain lately, “Someday I Will.” One of the lyrics is:


So whatever thrills you
Anything you love to do
Just say someday I will


What are your “someday” dreams? What do you want in your heart of hearts that you WILL have in the future? Don’t give up on those dreams. See them, feel them, and ask yourself how it feels to achieve your dream; what will your life be like to have what you want? Jimmy says:


You don't need to know who
May help you make it come true
Just say someday I will


It starts with acknowledging what you have now. Begin saying “TODAY I have…” and being grateful for all the things/people/achievements you have NOW.  Take stock of where you are right now and celebrate. Look back over the years you have lived and remind yourself of the dreams you had in your youth and what decisions you have said “I will” to that have led you to where you are RIGHT NOW.


Listening to Jimmy sing that song recently, I got all choked up. I recognized I have many, many, MANY things to be grateful for. So many of my dreams that for years I have said “someday I will…” have been realized, and I was flooded with emotion.


What will you say “I WILL” to today?


Look around, acknowledge, and own that what you have achieved or gained in your life is because a long time ago you said to yourself, “someday I will,” and you did it!


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