Together 2021

recover relief together Jan 02, 2021

As we close-out 2020, I am thinking of you. This year I’ve been reminded just how much we need one another. We are all connected. The stripping away of normal life in 2020 has brought with it a multitude of realizations and appreciation around what’s most important. Our health, our relationships, and the interdependence we have on one another. As we look ahead to a clean start in 2021, I’m carrying with me the raw, real, reality that became so clear in 2020 our connections to one another are sacred


My mission remains unchanged to uplift, encourage, and empower people to live life fully with freedom, growth, and joy. In 2021 I will double down on that mission


We human beings are more alike than different. Our commonalities lie in our love and grief, and our joy and sorrow that people of all walks of life feel. Humans across the globe can relate to those emotions regardless of language, culture, ethnicity, gender, age, or political persuasion. I resolve to seek out what binds us and let loose of the reins of what divides us.


My commitment to 2021 is to focus on gratitude and compassion, of lifting people up to see their own beauty within and the beauty in others. The time is now for each of us to do our part to inspire another. Whether that is with the simplicity of a smile or a listening ear or a grand gesture of thanks, each action toward that end makes a difference. May 2021 be the year we all find relief and recover, together.

Love and Light!


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