Walking Through Honey

Walking Through Honey


OK, I'll admit it, I sometimes feel befuddled, not every day and not all the time. But as a woman who thrived on motion, constantly feeding off the energy in an airport concourse filled with rushing people as I traveled to see clients, my world is very different now. My current reality is sitting in the same chair in front of the same computer screen for hours on end, then thinking, "what day is it?" or "what am I doing here?".


Productivity has taken on new meaning. I have a fully edited new book just waiting to go to a publisher. I have new online courses that I have been working on that are lolly-gagging around in my files. I created a new group coaching course, and I haven't let anyone know about it yet. WHO AM I?! I don't recognize this formerly driven woman!


Some days it feels like I'm walking through honey and not in a good way. Years ago, in my days as a hospice Executive Director, at a leadership retreat, we did an exercise of pretending to walk through honey to slow us down and become aware of ourselves and our surroundings. As I recall wasn't particularly good at that. Now on some days, I'm living it!


There are ways out of this honey pot: I might take a walk, listen to music, call a friend, laugh, read an uplifting quote, meditate, light a candle, take a nap, focus on the task at hand, appreciate all the incredible blessings in my life like excellent health, my beloved and loved ones, friends, and colleagues and clients who make my heart fill with joy when I support them to reach a higher goal. Then I feel better.


It's OK if you have days like mine (I have to remind myself of that too!). We are all experiencing some version of long-haul Covid 19 recovery, even if we haven't had the virus. Whether you are crazy busy and don’t know which end is up or can't find the motivation to finish a project at your usual lightning-fast pace, honor the struggle. And cut yourself some slack. Do the best you can each moment, one step, one day at a time. The world is opening up, and we all will begin to regain our equilibrium as we create our new After-world. In the meantime, have some chocolate and check out my new Group Coaching program!


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