Be More YOU. Now!

careing covid19 healthcare Apr 04, 2020

Be More YOU. Now.

All my life it feels like I have been peeling back layers of illusion, guardedness, and disguise to reveal my true self to myself.  Once again, asking the most important and most difficult question, “who am I”. All in the quest to be my more true and honest self.

The world has turned upside down with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some people are tossing it off as an annoyance, not following ‘stay at home’ guidelines complaining about being bored.  Some are following the rules and are frightened about losing their job, while most parents have a new appreciation of the critical role teachers have in their children's lives.

Then there are the saviors, my friends the superheroes, who are smack in the middle of this horrific event, the front-line health care workers. Nurses and doctors and others who are seeing this Pandemic through the lenses of scuba goggles, bandanas, homemade masks, and gowns, or if they are lucky, outfitted with the scarce and precious personal protection equipment (PPE).  They are doing their best and being their best, to ease suffering and save lives all while thousands of people are dying alone. They willingly walk into this pandemic while the rest of us are huddled at home.

When I ask myself “who am I”, and “what do I stand for, and against” I realize I have worn camouflages to fit in.  But no more.  The time has come to be the best of who I am all of the time.  The world needs the best from all of us.

A spark of Divinity inhabits each of us.  It is time to stop being average and commit to more.

You know who you are.  You are the one who holds your friend in your arms after her parent dies, you volunteer at a charity to support the unsupported, you are the one who makes others laugh or who sings a song or cooks a meal or reveals your brilliance and your foolishness because…you are divinely human, just like every other person alive on the face of the earth.

Claim that spark of Holiness within you, and live up to the best of who you are.  Our healthcare workers are showing us their best.  It’s time to be more you…now.


PS Don't forget to breathe!


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