Eye Can See Clearly Now

Eye Can See Clearly Now


Happy New Year! It’s crazy that it’s already the end of January 2022. This long and winding treacherous road of Covid19 has worn everyone out and the exhaustion level for so many has been off the charts.


My healthcare colleagues and clients are reporting staff call-outs for sick and/or quarantining at higher rates than at any other time since the pandemic began. Thankfully those vaccinated have not been gravely ill. One colleague said 10% of their staff have had close relatives die of Covid.


The indefatigable stress and strain in these times take a toll. Most of us went into healthcare to serve others, selflessly. That’s great when the reservoirs are full. However, for many, the tanks are empty. So how do we go on? What will it take to keep putting 1 foot in front of the other?


Intention. All of us alive today who keep going to work, caring for the kids, brushing our teeth, getting meals prepared, and functioning in the normal ways have wonderous intentions to just do it. The test has been great for so many, and gratefully, you are still standing.  


This month I took simply 1 day at a time, which is why I’ve not sent out a newsletter since December. I needed to pause to reflect, regroup and rest (and have eye surgery!). I felt remorse for not sending out uplifting messages, but I had to pause and refill my energy and vibrancy tank and it was worth it!


In hospice, we are given the grace to contemplate death every day. Thanks to Covid19 most of humanity across the globe have had to acknowledge, yes indeed death is part of life.


Now more than ever we should be asking ourselves what the poet Mary Oliver asks:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


It’s time to live more fully, love more abundantly, and have more fun!


What will you do today to refill your tank?

Love and Light,


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