Fear and Faith


Halloween is a time of tricks and treats, pumpkins, costumes, and scary masks. And of course medical masks!

The irony of Halloween is that most people live masked from their deepest reality all year long sometimes all lifelong. We sometimes let other things, people, and thoughts hide our true ambition or dreams.

“Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.”  Martin Luther King

I’d like to ask you just one question and it’s not what will you dress up at Halloween. Instead, it’s something deeper, darker, and far scarier than any haunted house or horror flick.

The question is…”What are you afraid of?”

In life, relationships, family, business, health, and even success?

The great philosopher Yoda said: “Named must be your fear before banishing it you can”

We all have fears both known or unknown that hold us back from even greater fulfillment, prosperity, achievement, and peace of mind.

The fears that aren’t always obvious might be disguised, like goblins on Halloween.

What are your disguised fears:  Isolation? Rejection? Depression? Prejudice? Abandonment? Failure?

Those disguised fears may be the reasons you have justified staying the same or not following up on something that inspires you.

It’s like the old clothes we just keep wearing because they are cozy. Or it’s easier staying in our comfort zone instead of facing our fears.

Often discovering what you’re afraid of, will lead you to what is holding you back from everything else you want and achieving new possibilities. Your fears color your reality and can blur your vision.

Now, to those fears that are hiding underneath your mask... I say to you: it’s time to face them. Do not stay paralyzed by them, realize that you CAN overcome them

Learning to tap into your greatest fears, and your grandest ambitions to embrace who you really are at your core will give you the strength and power to do more than you could ever imagine.


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