Fear and Faith


Halloween is a time of tricks and treats, pumpkins, costumes, and scary masks. And of course medical masks!

The irony of Halloween is that most people live masked from their deepest reality all year long sometimes all lifelong. We sometimes let other things, people, and thoughts hide our true ambition or dreams.

“Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.”  Martin Luther King

I’d like to ask you just one question and it’s not what will you dress up at Halloween. Instead, it’s something deeper, darker, and far scarier than any haunted house or horror flick.

The question is…”What are you afraid of?”

In life, relationships, family, business, health, and even success?

The great philosopher Yoda said: “Named must be your fear before banishing it you can”

We all have fears both known or unknown that hold us back from even greater fulfillment, prosperity, achievement, and peace of...

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Sacrifice, Resurrection, and Liberation

Sacrifice, Resurrection, and Liberation


People all over the globe are celebrating the Holy holidays of Easter and Passover this week.  Celebrations of Sacrifice, Resurrection, and Liberation from oppression.


Today in the spring of 2021 we have had a year of opportunities to experience sacrifice, haven’t we?  Practically everyone on the planet, regardless of their religious/political/economic, or cultural beliefs has sacrificed in some way. 


A sacrifice is a loss or something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. Most of us have sacrificed our normal ways of life by staying home and social distancing this year. We have felt the loneliness and isolation of this sacrifice done for the greater good.


There continues to be uncertainty about the future, and frustration about what’s next. But if we step back and look to our ancestors, those who have gone before us, human beings have always made sacrifices for a better...

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Fear and Faith

faith strength Oct 10, 2020

Fear and Faith.


This week I have had enough. Enough of Covid19, enough of soul-numbing politics, enough of horrific wildfires, and hurricanes, and enough of isolation from friends and family. Enough already 2020, I’ve had enough of you!  The feeling of frustration had seeped into me like the smoke of the wildfires seeps into everything.  


Finally, I stopped and faced my fears and took control of my emotions. Instead of watching the news I went back to my morning routine of meditation, walking, inspirational readings, and having faith that the world will continue to spin, and the sun will continue to rise.


I have learned the more I face my fears and keep moving forward, taking action in harmony with my values and integrity, I emerge stronger.


Fear is normal.  Fear is helpful.  Fear is an emotion that says “Hey! Take notice of this, something’s up!”.  Don’t ignore fear…Ask “what are...

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