Goals and Intentions

Goals and Intentions

I have been thinking a lot about intentions lately. Merriam Webster dictionary defines intention as “a determination to act in a certain way”, and goal as “the end to which effort is directed”. Generally, my intention for each day is to feel good and be happy. My goals are often specific tasks and objectives.

In these days of turmoil and crisis and uncertainty, it can be difficult to stay focused on my intentions. My commitment “to act in a certain way” can be challenged. The small annoyances can seem large, and the large ones can feel enormous.

This week on a group Zoom call with participants in my Awaken To Your Purpose course, my internet connection was dismal. In fact, it was nearly non-existent. It would have been less frustrating if it had been completely non-existent, but it was teasing me with a few glimpses of the group then ZAP, it was gone.

My goal for the call was for the group to feel heard, supported, stretched, and engaged. My intention was to show up curious, focused, optimistic, and encouraging. Yet, with every “your internet connection is unstable” message that flashed on my screen and the beautiful faces of my group vanish, my good intentions for the call were rapidly evaporating into the storm raging outside my window.

However, by the end of the hour, something really cool had happened…my goals for the call were met. Not by me but by the group who had carried on without me! They said they had an engaging discussion, they felt supported by one another, and they got to know each other a bit more without me there! I however had failed my intentions for the call.

This was a lesson for the teacher. Stuff happens out of our control. The only thing we do have control of is ourselves. Do we maintain our good intentions or surrender our power to frustration or anger?

I was so proud of the group for sticking with each other and carrying on that it helped me to regain a bit of calm in the storm.

Our intentions remind us to focus on our values in each moment. If you are faced with one of the distressing tasks that fall to a leader – like having to close a program or eliminate a position – your goal may be to reduce expenses and balance your budget. However, your intention can be to reach that goal with grace, integrity, and kindness; and that intention will register and resonate with those impacted by your decision.

We all must make hard choices but if our intention is to do the right thing then understanding will prevail.

Highly intentional people create highly intentional organizations. Remember, like attracts like, and your intentions send out a beacon that will reach people, resources, and events that hold the same or similar intentions. Even when the storms are raging.

What are your intentions for this fine day?!

Love and Light,


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