Goals and Intentions

Goals and Intentions

I have been thinking a lot about intentions lately. Merriam Webster dictionary defines intention as “a determination to act in a certain way”, and goal as “the end to which effort is directed”. Generally, my intention for each day is to feel good and be happy. My goals are often specific tasks and objectives.

In these days of turmoil and crisis and uncertainty, it can be difficult to stay focused on my intentions. My commitment “to act in a certain way” can be challenged. The small annoyances can seem large, and the large ones can feel enormous.

This week on a group Zoom call with participants in my Awaken To Your Purpose course, my internet connection was dismal. In fact, it was nearly non-existent. It would have been less frustrating if it had been completely non-existent, but it was teasing me with a few glimpses of the group then ZAP, it was gone.

My goal for the call was for the group to feel heard, supported, stretched,...

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Do You Hear ME?

Do You Hear ME?

“I hear you, and I understand that is your point of view.”

Those words do not mean, “You are right,” nor do they mean, “You are wrong.” They mean, “I hear you and can appreciate that you feel that way.” Sounds simple – so why do so many of us find it impossible to say them? 

How does it feel to be heard? When someone looks you in the eye, really listens to you, and hears what you have to say, it is a gift.  When was the last time you received such a gift?  When is the last time you fully gave the gift of your presence?

So often the opinions or beliefs we hold true in our lives spring from experiences we don’t even remember.  Was it something that happened to me in childhood, or the way I saw my parents react to a crisis, or was it an idea or a philosophy I adopted just to fit in, that molded my opinions or beliefs? 

I was a senior in high school when desegregation became law. In our...

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