The Caregiver Hero

Do you know someone who is a caregiver?  I’ll bet every one of you either IS (or has been) a caregiver or knows one.  Whether you are taking care of a sick child or an elderly parent, a partner or a friend, caregiving is not for the faint of heart.  It is a hero’s job. 

Heroes are thought of as courageous souls with noble qualities, who stand in the face of danger and that is certainly true.  War heroes are immortalized in statues found all across the world.  But what of the Caregiver Hero, have you ever seen a statue of her?  The Caregiver Hero is someone who quietly day after day, month after month, year after year comforts, cares for, and nurtures a frail or infirmed loved one without accolades or honors, or financial gain and even sometimes at great financial peril to themselves.  

Caregivers have tremendous responsibilities, not only are they helping with the basic day to day living activities of feeding, bathing, and dressing and they must ensure the safety of their loved one.  And, patience is required in great amounts.  When a demented loved one asks the same question 50 times an hour or has lost all recognition of who they are, it takes a hero to be patient and not run away.  Caregiver Hero’s don’t have time for themselves because they are never off duty. 

Today, make a tangible effort to offer a caregiver some relief.  Bring over a meal, do their laundry, arrange for a sitter and take the caregiver out for a respite, then listen with your heart.  If you have never been a caregiver, you have no understanding of how difficult and all-consuming the job is. Nor do you know the rewards caring for a loved one in need offers, those rewards are measured only in the heart and soul.

The Caregiver Hero must have courage and noble qualities and stand in the face of danger, yes, and it takes so much more than that…it takes an unselfish heart, a generous spirit, deep kindness and patience and a commitment to Love. 

Thank you, caregivers, for being role models for the goodness of humanity.  I honor you today and each day of your journey.


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