Airstream Adventures

Airstream Adventures


Closing out our summer camping adventure, we were to be in Charleston SC eating at nationally acclaimed restaurants and playing tourist. Instead, we spent 6 nights in Rocky Mount, NC following an unfortunate experience. Driving 65 mph on I-95 we had a wheel of our Airstream camper trailer fly off, sailing into the median. 


Thank goodness there were no injuries. We hobbled to a nearby hotel, parked the truck/trailer, and checked in. The next day was spent looking for a tow truck and researching how this could have happened. For two days we were promised a tow but alas none ever appeared. Finally, Steve contacted a local big rig repair company and an angel appeared. Dale Womble of Mangum’s repair came to our rescue trying to help, but by 5pm on Friday, no parts were available anywhere.


Steve then called a random Drexel parts dealer in Denver (2 hours earlier than us, how clever!) and they shipped everything we needed to Dale’s...

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Mercury is retrograde

Mercury is Retrograde!

Have you had any challenging communications in the past week or two? Any confrontations or frustrations in making decisions or working things out with others? I have been talking with friends and family and colleagues and there is a lot of wacky stuff going on out there these days!


So far this week I personally know of an assault on a hospice facility security guard by an irate family member, a major theft from a family member’s bank account, a friend who couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly quit her job, and a friend who after being super CDC careful for the past 18 months was diagnosed with Covid19 and is now in bed sick and frustrated.


Can you relate?


We bought a new vehicle this week. For months, Steve had searched high and low to find the perfect truck to replace the one we’ve had for 18 years. We spent 3 frustrating hours with the slick salesman and finally signed the deal. We got our new truck, drove it for 2 days...

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The Caregiver Hero

Do you know someone who is a caregiver?  I’ll bet every one of you either IS (or has been) a caregiver or knows one.  Whether you are taking care of a sick child or an elderly parent, a partner or a friend, caregiving is not for the faint of heart.  It is a hero’s job. 

Heroes are thought of as courageous souls with noble qualities, who stand in the face of danger and that is certainly true.  War heroes are immortalized in statues found all across the world.  But what of the Caregiver Hero, have you ever seen a statue of her?  The Caregiver Hero is someone who quietly day after day, month after month, year after year comforts, cares for, and nurtures a frail or infirmed loved one without accolades or honors, or financial gain and even sometimes at great financial peril to themselves.  

Caregivers have tremendous responsibilities, not only are they helping with the basic day to day living activities of feeding, bathing, and dressing...

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