The Tilt of Your Axis

The Tilt of Your Axis


It’s December 21, Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, and today is the darkest day of the year. 


Today is the day when the sun takes a few hours off and, peeks out only for a short stretch. In the Arctic Circle on this day the sun has called in sick and stays in bed all day.


The Solstice is all about the tilt, the tilt of our Earth’s axis in relationship to our elegant dance around the sun.  It’s about a change in the orientation and angles between the Earth and the Sun. The slightest of shifts determines if we receive or deflect the Light.


The slightest shift in our tilt determines if we receive…or deflect…the Light. It’s true with how we see all things, isn’t it? Tilt our head one way and one perspective comes into view, tilt it in another way and a new point of view emerges.


As we in the US navigate during the major holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day with Hanukah and Christmas beaming brightly, it is our tilt that determines whether we adore or dread this time of year.  Our tilt can result in welcoming the joyous celebrations of religion and culture to buoy us up.  Our tilt can also make us cranky wanting only to utter “bah humbug”.


For me, the winter solstice is a time for quiet contemplation, the time to pause and review my tilt.  Thirty years ago, my father died on Christmas, then four years later my brother died on Thanksgiving.  In those days my tilt was aimed toward pulling up the covers and withdrawing from the Light.  It took some time to readjust my angle and welcome the Light. In these continuously challenging times, it can feel the same way.  


Stress and grief and sorrow and guilt can throw us off our axis and we begin to wobble. The wise thing to do is to pause, readjust and get back into alignment.  Thank goodness, the earth continues spinning around the sun despite our pain or human tragedies, global warming or yes, even Covid19 variants.  Ours is the choice to dance between Light and Dark, Joy or Struggle in the search for balance.


Today, honor the darkest day of the year for it is the darkness that reminds us to appreciate the Light! Tomorrow on December 22 the axis tilts and the LIGHT RETURNS! My wish for you is to claim as much Light and Love as you possibly can, for that is the greatest gift you can ever give…or receive.  Happy Holidays!


Love and Light,


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