"Happy" New Year

This time of year we are all focusing on new beginnings.  Goals are set, resolutions made and thoughts of “this year I’m going to …” are heard around the land.

Here is a thought, what if our goals went from how much weight we’ll lose or how much money we’ll make this year to how much happiness we will allow and how much love can we give and receive.  What if those were our measures of success instead of titles or status or stuff?  Don’t get me wrong; I like titles and status and stuff, but this year, I’m going to focus on happiness and joy and love first and see where it leads me.

I watched a wonderful Ridley Scott movie recently “A Good Year” with Russell Crowe as the main character Max Skinner.  Max inherits his uncle’s vineyard estate in Provence, France where he spent “the happiest moments of my childhood”.  However, Max was so focused on his work as a high stakes financial...

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