The Hospice Master Class Membership FLASH SALE!

Hi everyone!

At last, I am so excited to announce my Hospice Master Class Membership is up and open!

This project started with my interview with Mary Labyak President and CEO of the Suncoast Hospice 6 months before her death. My dear friends Christy Whitney and Samira Beckwith, Gretchen Brown and David Simpson are also starring in the Masters Interviews section. My deepest gratitude to them for sharing their wisdom with me and the world.

Here's you chance to get in for the SUPER EARLY ACTION pricing!   

Sign up now for the Hospice Master Class Membership and SAVE BIG!  Cyber Monday sale, today only!!  Get all the details here!   OPENING Introductory Price + Lots of BONUSES!

By participating in the Hospice Master Class Membership with me,  you will learn the essentials of what it takes to manage and lead in this sacred and chaotic world of hospice.  My unique experience as both a hospice...

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