What Will Your Legacy Be?

2018 2019 hospice legacy newyear Jan 12, 2019

I have been thinking a lot about legacy these days. The start of a new year always puts me in the mood to be more intentional about what I want for the next 12 months. Yes, it’s goal setting time, but more importantly, I want be more deliberate in how I show up and leave a positive impact with my life this year.

If you could leave the people you love with something important when you check out of life, what would it be?

  • Your grandmother’s rocking chair?
  • Your family photos?
  • Your home?

When we think about leaving a legacy, so often what we’re talking about is grounded in materialism – in things collected, loved, handed down, that have resonance for us. But...

  • Do your loved ones know why those things matter to you?
  • Do they know the stories of the people from whom those treasures came?
  • Do they know what you hold dear?
  • Who you were as a child?
  • What really made you who you are?
  • What words of advice or encouragement do you want them to carry with them through...
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