Are You a Player, or a Fan?

2018 fan hospice october player Nov 03, 2018


Even in a year in which I’d stretched myself past what I thought were my limits, October was the most intense month of growth I could imagine. There were days I felt like my brain might actually explode (fortunately for those around me, it didn’t.)

My October quest began with a question; How is the world beyond hospice using new technology to get their messages out in powerful, meaningful ways? I began the journey at Mel Abraham’s Thought Leader Academy. Mel is a CPA who helps people from across the world put their special genius into a framework that’s simple to explain and share with others. With 35 years of hospice and leadership experience I realized the things that I know and take for granted are unique – and I’m learning to bring them to a broader audience. For an idea of what thought Frameworks can do, think of how the pyramid graphic makes Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs simple to understand.


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