Very often my mind is so full and active it’s like New York City in there, churning and noisy, I have conversations with myself that often run me in circles.


At night, I’m tired, I go to bed, pull up the covers, and close my eyes and my brain says “YEA! No distractions it’s time to solve problems and wonder ‘why I did I say THAT to THEM’ or ‘why did I eat that for dinner?’ or WHAT IF I CAN NEVER GET ON AN AIRPLANE AGAIN?!…” and on she goes. 


I do all sorts of things to distract myself to quiet my mind and find some stillness. 


I will begin with repetitions like “all is well, and I am well” or “the time to rest is now” and say it 20-30 times, just to get my mind to slow down.


Or, I’ll begin to say the Lord’s Prayer in my head until I find myself saying… “Our Father, who art in Heaven … hum, what I should cook for...

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