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Image Above: Dr. McCollough and Patti Moore at his retirement party 2008

Ask anyone who had the honor of working with the late Dr. Robert "Bob" McCollough, M.D., and chances are good they’ll share a story about his kindness, his insight, and the respect and gentleness that informed his interactions with everyone around him, from patients and their families to his peers and co-workers. Here’s mine:

The Student and the Teacher

Today I sat at the feet of the teacher, once again absorbing lessons of great importance; not the lessons that you learn in books or labs or research institutions, but the lessons of life as they’re taught only through the wisdom of the dying.


Today I sat at the feet of one of the finest men I know; Dr. Robert McCullough who was the first full-time medical director at Haven Hospice. He is quite simply a remarkable human being, conducting his life’s close exactly as he wants it, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.


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