Finding Your Self

Socrates said “Know Thyself”.   There is no one more important to get to know than you.  Who are you, what roles do you play, what do you love, what makes you laugh what makes you cry?  When was the last time you asked yourself those questions?

In life we play many roles, some are chosen, others are placed upon us without our full consent.  In the retreats I conduct I ask participants to list all the many roles they play.  Which roles have the limelight right now and which ones would they like to spend more time with.

What roles do you want to have first on your list?  Some of the roles on my list include woman of faith, wife, daughter, friend, aunt, sister, business owner, writer, consultant, coach, recruiter, walker, boater, sunset lover, traveler, artist and I could go on.  As I write this I see that some of my roles are overpowering a few that I want to resurrect.  I’m going to challenge myself to refocus.

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