We All Just Want to be Liked…

We All Just Want to be Liked…


My summer Collaborative Group Coaching program has just finished with an amazing group of women leaders. The group was brave enough to open their hearts to the challenges I presented. As a result, they discovered more brilliance about themselves and each other.


The group grappled with this question: “what is one limiting thought that you have thought or focused on about yourself for way too long?”.


Topics came up like: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m afraid I won’t be liked”, “I too often compare myself to others” or the ever-present imposter syndrome, “someone is going to discover I’m not supposed to be in this job”.


Most of us want to be accepted and liked. Somehow, we go from toddlers filled with joy and speaking our minds without regard to anyone’s opinions. To adulthood jumping through hoops to be what we think others want us to be so we can feel accepted and/or liked.


The dreaded new manager's dilemma is “how can I please everyone?!” Which of course is impossible. Even seasoned managers/leaders can fall into the trap of compromise. If it goes on too long it’s like drowning in a muck of uncertainty, trying so hard to accommodate others we no longer know what we stand for.


I admit it took me years to find my own true authentic voice. I honor that discovery and accept that some people will resonate with me and others will not.


In these crazy, stressful, changing times, each of us must acknowledge and claim our own strengths. My Collaborative Coaching group recognized theirs: integrity, compassion, persistence, resourcefulness and so much more. They also vowed to live into their strengths and let go of self-doubts.


Now it’s your turn…my challenge to you is to answer these questions:

  • What limiting thoughts about yourself do you spend too much time focused on? What will you stop and/or start doing to release them?


  • What are your unique strengths? Especially those that you don’t acknowledge often enough.


There is no one else in the Universe like you! Live into and love your uniqueness. Some people will like you and some won’t. Hurray, you are human! The most important person you should want to like you…is YOU.

Enjoy the last weeks of summer and stay safe!


Love and Light,


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