For the past 18 months, the Covid19 pandemic has revealed many things about ourselves and our organizations. As someone who’s been an executive, a management consultant, and a leadership coach, I know that there are all kinds of effective leaders out there.  Some styles are more effective in certain situations than others. Great leaders share some important traits, like resilience, courage, openness to opposing ideas and staying grounded by listening to their workforce’s point of view, and a good dose of humility. Great leaders must be self-aware because without understanding your own strengths and prejudices, and your leadership style, you literally don’t know what you’re missing.


The same organization will need different kinds of leaders at different points in its life cycle. A startup company or in these times of crisis a Risk Taker is needed.  A leader whose tolerance for risk is high; someone daring,...

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Hospice Master Class Membership Responds to Covid19

Many of my Hospice clients are experiencing staff shortages due to Covid19. Older nurses are retiring and some staff are leaving healthcare completely.  Hiring new managers and staff without hospice experience or moving existing staff into new leadership positions is normal at the time of crisis.

Finding new ways to regularly support new managers/leaders into being great hospice leaders takes time and focused intention. Now more than every newer manager and seasoned ones too can benefit from my yearlong Hospice Master Class Membership training. A new class starts in January 2021 with live virtual training each month along with worksheets and special bonuses. 

Here is some feedback from this year’s class:

  • I believe your insight in not only the hospice arena but leadership has been a great benefit to my personal development.  Your active engagement of the participants has been priceless especially for what we have gone through the past year.  The...
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