Forgiveness in the Time of COVID 19

Forgiveness in the time of Covid 19. 

These days I’m constantly looking for relief from the worry and anxiety of the chaos in our world. Relief can come from taking a walk in the woods, reading an inspirational book, watching a sunset, calling a friend, and eating comfort food.

These past few months I have felt fear, uncertainty, confusion and angst. And I have been compelled to find relief with home remedies. Remedies like regular doses of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food (aka chocolate+ ice cream), or the ingestion of medicinal Tate’s chocolate chip cookies or my go-to soul food, pepperoni pizza paired with a tasty chardonnay.

None of this may seem unnatural to you, but for me, these self-treatments feel like a comforting embrace. You see, before Covid19 I had not eaten any sugar, grains, or dairy for nearly 5 years and felt terrific. Then enter the global pandemic and the uncertainties of the future led me to relief-eating. I reasoned if you are going to get...

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How have you been feeling lately? Overwhelmed? Lonely? Depressed? Isolated? Grateful? Thankful? Happy? Joyful? If you answered “yes” to all of these emotions, join the club.

I have come to the realization that Covid19 will now be with us for a long time. Scientists are suggesting that for the next 18-24 months we will be grappling with this virus.  I live in Florida, the sunshine state. Many thought Covid19 didn’t like sunshine and heat. Nope, it turns out Covid19 is spending the summer in Florida, and Texas and Arizona, and it is thriving here!

 So, what do we need now?


Endurance is the ability to withstand hardship or adversity for a prolonged period of time, to have persistence.  Endurance in Latin means “To Last”.

Many of us are good at starting projects, cleaning out the garage, or painting a room or filing that pile of papers on the floor.  Then at some point, it gets boring, or I get tired or...

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We The People

We the People…

"Don't judge people for the choices they make when you don't know the options they had to choose from"

Each July 4th I think of our founding fathers who risked their lives to create a new country pledging their honor to claim their independence from England. Declaring freedoms that no other nation enjoyed at the time: freedom of religion, speech, the press, assembly, and petition.


The 56 courageous and dedicated men who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 knew they were committing treason when the ink was dry on their signature. And still, they accepted that risk to ensure “…certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.


In the 244 years since that monumental day, many of ‘We the People’ are still searching for complete freedom. People who are of a different race, gender and/or ethnicity than those 56 white men want the same freedoms.  We expect freedom...

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Uncategorized Jun 20, 2020


The longest day of the year is upon us. On June 20, our Sun says, “Here you go, I’m shining more of my light upon the earth today, enjoy!”. The summer solstice is the official beginning summer when ancient cultures danced in celebration of the Light.

Steve and I traveled to northern Norway last summer. It is not called the land of the Midnight Sun for nothing. This image was taken literally at midnight!

That trip reminded me of just how much in common we have with one another across the earth.  We all benefit from the light of our sun; we all gaze in wonder at the same moon. We have more in common between us than that which divides us. We are human beings with the same bones and blood and body and heart.

Suzanne Giesmann's Daily Way message this week reminded me that each of us has a yearning to be loved, to feel love, and to give love. The heart knows no ranking, or hierarchy, or prejudice, it only knows love. When we listen to and act from our...

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Do You Hear ME?

Do You Hear ME?

“I hear you, and I understand that is your point of view.”

Those words do not mean, “You are right,” nor do they mean, “You are wrong.” They mean, “I hear you and can appreciate that you feel that way.” Sounds simple – so why do so many of us find it impossible to say them? 

How does it feel to be heard? When someone looks you in the eye, really listens to you, and hears what you have to say, it is a gift.  When was the last time you received such a gift?  When is the last time you fully gave the gift of your presence?

So often the opinions or beliefs we hold true in our lives spring from experiences we don’t even remember.  Was it something that happened to me in childhood, or the way I saw my parents react to a crisis, or was it an idea or a philosophy I adopted just to fit in, that molded my opinions or beliefs? 

I was a senior in high school when desegregation became law. In our...

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Celebrating Nurses

Uncategorized May 09, 2020

Happy Nurses Week!  Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your service to others.  My calling to be a nurse was something that came from the core of my being.  To care for another, to lift someone’s spirits with a smile or a touch, to comfort an aching soul, to minister to an injured or frail body may be your job, but it is also who you are at your marrow, someone who genuinely cares about the welfare of others.

We go to nursing school to learn the principals of professional nursing, but as Florence Nightingale, our founder of modern nursing said in 1860 in her book Notes On Nursing:  “Every woman…has at one time or another had personal charge of somebody, whether child or invalid—in other words, every woman is a nurse.”  (In 2020 many men fit into that group too.)

No matter where you offer your gifts,

  • at the bedside dressing a patients wound
  • in an Intensive Care Unit managing complex machines to keep people alive
  • in...
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Discipline and Teamwork

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2020

Discipline and teamwork.

As I talk with hospice colleagues across the country, checking in to see how they are doing, I am hearing a common theme:

Teamwork and discipline are essential to enduring this time of Covid19.

All types of professionals, competitors, vendors, and unlikely allies are all working together on behalf of the survival of our fellow human beings.  Children sewing cloth masks, auto manufacturers retooling to produce ventilators, dentists and veterinarians ordering their PPE supplies for healthcare workers, nail salons giving UV sterilizer machines to healthcare organizations to sterilize masks, Google and Apple working together on a project to help track people who are exposed to the Coronavirus.  Together.

Together.  With urgency and discipline, people are coming together to collaborate, to save us all.

The true character of a person is revealed not in times of comfort and ease...the true character of a person is revealed in times of danger and...

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Five weeks ago I wrote about 2020 being the Year of The Nurse.  It seems like another century has passed since then.

At the time I wrote:

"When was the last time you had a nurse's support or care?  Was it when she explained what the doctor had just said to you and your family that you didn't really understand? Was it when she put her arms around you for a hug when you felt alone and uncertain? Was it when she explained the complex procedure that was about to happen to you? As we face a global crisis with the coronavirus, you know who will be doing the bulk of care of the people affected...nurses."

This has come to pass, hasn't it?

I am grateful for the women and men who so unselfishly give of themselves to others. At last, literally the whole world is saying "thank you"!

I add my deep appreciation to all of you and to your colleagues on the frontlines showing up each day to serve humanity. 

Bless you,...

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Be More YOU. Now!

careing covid19 healthcare Apr 04, 2020

Be More YOU. Now.

All my life it feels like I have been peeling back layers of illusion, guardedness, and disguise to reveal my true self to myself.  Once again, asking the most important and most difficult question, “who am I”. All in the quest to be my more true and honest self.

The world has turned upside down with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some people are tossing it off as an annoyance, not following ‘stay at home’ guidelines complaining about being bored.  Some are following the rules and are frightened about losing their job, while most parents have a new appreciation of the critical role teachers have in their children's lives.

Then there are the saviors, my friends the superheroes, who are smack in the middle of this horrific event, the front-line health care workers. Nurses and doctors and others who are seeing this Pandemic through the lenses of scuba goggles, bandanas, homemade masks, and gowns, or if they are lucky, outfitted with the...

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The Invisible Enemy


“... “May he live in interesting times.” Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty, but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind.” In 1966 Robert F. Kennedy delivered a speech that shared those words.

Here we are again, living in “interesting times” of danger and uncertainty. The current enemy does not carry guns or missiles. It does not hate or have religious, political, gender or cultural preferences. This enemy is invisible and is impacting all of humanity and our world.   

We are all realizing how connected we are now. We thought we were separate, we thought our country was better than theirs, we thought our culture was more refined than theirs, we thought our economy was better than theirs, we thought we were smarter than them. We are recognizing now, are all in this together, human beings, children of God here on this...

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